Preserve your child's childhood

NetPurified - Family Protection and Parental Control Software. Use it to block inappropriate content and limit usage to social media and other websites.

Simple to use. No Fuss.

Content Filter

Scans the content of a web page in real-time and blocks pages which contain inappropriate content

Manage Time Spent Online

Manage the time internet access / social media access will be available set to each weekday

Limit Social Media Access

Manage the time between which social media websites will be accessible set to each weekday

Whitelist / Blacklist

List websites to be always allowed or always blocked

Admin Access

Password protected access to NetPurified Admin. Requires password on uninstall

Multi Browser Support

Supports all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.

"NetPurified gives me a peace of mind that my children at home are safe on the internet"

- Mommy of two

"We use NetPurified on all our 50 computers in school library to keep children safe from the hazards of internet"

- Librarian, Sacred Heart Convent School

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